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Tahirih Ziegler

Get started with AmeriCorps

By Tahirih Ziegler
Executive Director, Detroit LISC

As President Obama swears in the one-millionth AmeriCorps member and celebrates the program's 20th year, I can't help but reflect on my own experience as one of the first to serve in this initiative. Being an AmeriCorps member helped open my eyes to opportunities in the non-profit sector and provided shape to my current role as the executive director for LISC Detroit. As a young college graduate with a degree in construction management... More[+]

From homeless to homeowner

Homeless Indy mom builds bright future

Five years ago, Brenda Wolf was homeless and struggling to meet her family's most basic needs. What she found when she signed up for a LISC Financial Opportunity Center program in Indianapolis changed her life. "Sometimes, bad things happen to good people, and you get in a position where you need help," she tearfully recounts in a new United Way video. "When I came here, all my doors opened." Today, Wolf owns a home, works at a prestigious law firm and sees her children thriving. Nationwide, LISC supports more than 70 FOC programs like the one operated by Southeast Community Center in Indianapolis, where Wolf got the help she needed. More[+]...

It's now a little easier to make it in Peoria

Peoria FOC opening

LISC CEO Michael Rubinger joined Michele Sullivan, the president of the Caterpillar Foundation, to celebrate the opening of Peoria's first Financial Opportunity Center (FOC). In Peoria and at more than 70 other sites nationwide, LISC's network of FOCs use proven tools to help low-income families manage their finances, find better jobs, build credit and improve their net worth. More[+]...

From rock bottom to hill top

Price Hill

After a tragic shooting, the residents of Price Hill said enough. Their commitment is helping turn this once-blighted place into a community of diverse young families and urban professionals drawn by the short commute, friendly neighbors, and a view of Cincinnati’s stunning skyline. More[+]...