Community Wise

Colleen Flynn and Rick Luftglass

Harlem's new health hub is really cooking

By Colleen Flynn
and Rick Luftglass
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund

By some measures, Harlem is booming. Storefronts that were boarded up several years ago now host upscale restaurants like Lido, 5 & Diamond, and Melba’s. Whole Foods plans to open a store on 125th Street next year. But what are the food options for the neighborhood’s longtime, low-income residents? West Harlem still has areas of extreme poverty, and many residents... More[+]

LISC's work shines on MSNBC

Challenging but transformative—that's how LISC's Michael Rubinger, in an interview on Morning Joe, described the work of helping lift low-income neighborhoods across America. Rubinger made a case for investing in comprehensive community development, which was also highlighted in a video segment about LISC's effort to repurpose an abandoned school in Flint, Michigan into affordable senior housing. More[+]...

LISC has the right formula to help people "pull out of poverty"

Houston Financial Opportunity Center

For families who have long struggled to make ends meet, a decent job is a first step toward financial stability. But, it's only the first step. Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary takes a close look at how LISC's network of Financial Opportunity Centers connect job training and placement with long-term, one-on-one financial coaching—what she calls "the missing link"—that helps people boost their credit ratings, reduce debt and build savings. More[+]...

With help from LISC, U. of Chicago reconnects with its own hometown

South Side Chicago

The University of Chicago has recently thrown its weight behind an innovative office to make good on its commitment to revitalizing the surrounding South Side neighborhood. Next City profiles the university's civic engagement point person, Derek Douglas, a one-time Obama urban policy aide. With LISC Chicago's backing, Douglas has launched the Civic Leadership Academy, a program to groom local leaders to join in the work of community building. More[+]...