Help Us Respond

LISC has mobilized to support the people and communities hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic. The money raised through our Rapid Relief & Resiliency Fund is:

  • Providing grants to women- and minority-owned small businesses that are the backbone of local economies
  • Supporting thousands of community-based organizations that serve clients in need
  • Delivering tech support and infrastructure to help residents and enterprises access work, school, commerce and social connection

Support the Rapid Relief & Resiliency Fund


Building Strength and Equity

One of the most devastating aspects of the Covid-19 crisis is the disproportionate impact it is having on communities of color—a clear outcome of discrimination and underinvestment that long predates the pandemic. Our urgent response to the fallout for these communities includes intentional efforts to bridge the gaps that created this disparate impact in the first place. And these actions are not limited to the lifespan of this pandemic—our strategy is designed to help communities and people recover, and to build the strength and resiliency that will carry us all into a more equitable and just future.

Who We Are

For more than 40 years, LISC, the country's largest community development nonprofit, has invested in people and places to move the needle on housing, employment, family wealth, education, safety and justice, and health. We do this by connecting communities with financing, technical assistance and other resources that help boost capacity and stability. And we prioritize equity in every program and policy we deliver.


Support the Rapid Relief & Resiliency Fund


Our Partners

For a full list of our Covid-19 relief and recovery supporters, click here