“No More Status Quo:” A Brookings-LISC Report

As the pandemic and the nation’s focus on racial injustice shine new light on long-standing structural injustices, a new report, co-authored by LISC LA's ED Tunua Thrash-Tuk and researchers from Brookings, describes the imperative of upending the intentional policies and practices that laid the groundwork for today’s crises. The authors examine how LISC's investment and work in South Los Angeles, thanks to robust community engagement, serves as an example of equitable local change.

7.15.2020 -

CHAM Webinar: Underwriting for Resilience

The webinar begins with a discussion on the development and underwriting of affordable housing and how it is changing due to the pandemic and our country’s rising awareness of racial equity

7.06.2020 -

Safety and Justice – Supporting Collaborative Approaches for Safe Spaces

This webinar provides an introduction to LISC’s national Safety & Justice program and information on closing the relationship between place and crime. Tom Wyatt, based in Flint, MI, who has led dynamic partnership efforts along that city’s University Avenue Corridor presents on how to reduce crime associated with vacant properties.

CDFIs and the Capital Markets: Tapping into Impact Investors

In this research paper, LISC provides an analysis of the CDFI industry’s initial forays into the capital markets on a rated basis, and examines how CDFIs can expand their role as trusted intermediaries for capital investment in people and places where disparities in health, employment, wealth and financial security, and overall quality of life have stemmed from a lack of capital access.

6.26.2020 -

Toolkit: Mission Driven Industrial Development

This toolkit from Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development is designed to help communities implement mission driven strategies for urban industrial development.